Tableau Vs Power BI – Grand Total Bar

It was difficult for me to go to Power BI and start again in that community as a previous Tableau Ambassador. Even though I now have the title of Power BI Super User, I had to start over there from scratch, putting my “Tableau Ambassador” ego to the side.

I’d like to talk about one Tableau feature that Power BI should include today, and in the blog post after that, I’ll talk about how we can get Power BI to reflect the same functionality by using DAX functions

When I first started using Power BI, I was perplexed by the lack of a Grand Total indicator, which seemed like a pretty basic requirement.

Additionally, when you switch the table visual to a bar chart, the grand total simply disappears. We must construct a new table and execute calculations, oh, I mean DAX, to resolve this issue.

For detailed instructions on how to create the same grand total bar with Power BI, please refer to the abovementioned video. 

Please download the file from this location and follow along with me

Step 1

In order to store all the areas together with a new row marked “Total,” we must basically establish a manual table called “Total Table.”

Total Table = 

UNION ( DISTINCT ( Orders[Region] ), { “Total” } )

Step 2

Once the table is established, make sure the Region column is used to establish the relationship between it and the Orders table.This is an important step which should not be overlooked

Step 3

Total Sales Measure = VAR amount =

    SUM ( Orders[Sales] )


IF (

        ISBLANK ( amount ),

        CALCULATE ( SUM ( Orders[Sales]), ALL(Orders) ),




With the exception of Total, which is not a region and thus throws blank or null, the goal of step 3 is to essentially get the output as the original sum (Sales) wherever it finds a region. To handle this, use the CALCULATE (SUM (Orders[Sales]), ALL(Orders)) function, which modifies the filter context with ALL to throw the total sales across all regions.You can check my video on the ALL function here

In order to maintain the equilibrium between the two titans, I’ll shortly begin my series on the transition from Power BI to Tableau.

Ritesh Bisht

#1 in the world to be Tableau Ambassador and Power BI Super User