Pre-attentive Visual Properties

How did my student Arif improve his vision using appropriate pre-attentive attributes? So, a few weeks ago, I got a call from a co-worker requesting me to come to a meeting and offer input on one of the below-displayed images. Although I enjoyed the work and thought the aesthetic was not bad, I thought there was […]

Tableau Certification Tips

Tableau Certification Tips – Starter I hope you like this video, which will talk about Tableau Specialist, Tableau Desktop Certified Associate, and Tableau Server Associate. Let me know your views in the comment section of this YouTube video. I wish you all the best! In this video, I am discussing my 3 Tableau Certifications. I […]

Power BI Certification

In this video, I share my experience with Power BI PL 300 Certification, and I hope it will help you plan for the important event. The Power BI data analyst delivers actionable insights by leveraging available data and applying domain expertise. The Power BI data analyst collaborates with key stakeholders across verticals to identify business requirements, […]