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Bookmark With Power BI

A bookmark records the current state of a report page. It includes the settings you’ve made to the filters, slicers, and visuals on that page. Once you customize the report page to your liking, give it a friendly name. You can now easily return to that state of the report page. When you click a bookmark, Power BI returns you to that view.

Type of Bookmark:

There are two sorts of bookmarks: Personal and Report 

To record the current state of a report page, you can add bookmarks when editing a report in Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service. The current filters, slicers, cross-highlighted visuals, sort order, etc. are saved in bookmarks. Personal and report bookmarks are the two different categories. Report bookmarks are created and used in this article. When you add bookmarks to a report, everyone who views the report can return to exactly where they left off by choosing the saved report bookmark.

Show dropdowns for both types of bookmarks.

Let’s do it from scratch so that in order to do a redo and so if I want to do it from the sketch let me just remove it.

Steps to follow in Power BI :


Step: 1- Process to add bookmark

  • The first step would be to go to View and create the bookmark.
  • I will add a bookmark, which means the present status of my report over there will be saved at this bookmark.
  • By default, it will give it a name called ‘Bookmark 4’, change this to a meaningful name that also describes the filter context. I’ll call this one reset-2.



How to rename the bookmark button:

  • Firstly, go to the view after that add the bookmark and click the bookmark in order to change the name.

  • With the help of the option called rename, change the name to whatever relevant.


  • In essence, a bookmark records the status of a report page, including any filtering modifications you may have made to the slicer and graphics there. 


Step: 2-Process to add a reset button

  • The Second Step would be to go to insert and insert the button, we have picked an already available reset button.



Go to the format > Action > and then pick Bookmark as Type and select the Reset 2 as the destination bookmark.




Power of reset button:

Now that you want to return as quickly as possible to the default state—the state in which everything is as it should be—this reset button enables you to do so. Remember in this case we are not going to give particular filters because we are creating a reset button so there is no need for that although you can save individual status as well.


In this case, we are making the default button that will take you to all, so we won’t make any specific changes to the filter. You can have a button that will have a data set that represents corporate and home office only so you can have one button over there saying that the consumer and corporate you do have multiple users.


When to Use Navigator instead:

  • Please go to insert and select the button there is something called Navigator bookmark. If we have several bookmarks over there, in this case, we can even remove this one and this will serve as a wonderful button over there that will enable you to navigate It.



The navigator looks really classic, glad to have such a button at the top.




Reset button with tableau:


  • With tableau, you have to create a separate sheet over there itself and

then make use of action.



I hope this post was helpful for you and it will help you to know more about the bookmark and its uses through Bookmark with Power BI.


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