Bookmarks as a Reset Button -Power BI

Bookmark With Power BI A bookmark records the current state of a report page. It includes the settings you’ve made to the filters, slicers, and visuals on that page. Once you customize the report page to your liking, give it a friendly name. You can now easily return to that state of the report page. When you […]

Text/Sentiment Analysis with Power BI

In Power BI, you can use AI Insights to gain access to a collection of pre-trained machine learning models that enhance your data preparation efforts. AI Insights is accessed in the Power Query Editor, and its associated features and functions are accessed through the Home and Add Column tabs in Power Query Editor. Remember […]

Incremental Refresh-Power BI

Why do we need incremental refresh? By offering automated partition formation and maintenance for dataset tables that often load new and updated data, incremental refresh procedures expand planned refresh activities. For the majority of datasets, this is one or more tables, similar to a fact table in a relational or star database structure, that hold […]

Power BI Certification

In this video, I share my experience with Power BI PL 300 Certification, and I hope it will help you plan for the important event.¬†The Power BI data analyst delivers actionable insights by leveraging available data and applying domain expertise. The Power BI data analyst collaborates with key stakeholders across verticals to identify business requirements, […]