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1.2 Create and manage data model
Manage data model with Relationships and Joins
1.3 Manage metadata properties
Metadata is data about data.
2.2 Organize data and apply filters
2.2.1 Create groups by using marks, headers, and the data pane 2.2.2 Create sets by using marks and the data pane 2.2.3 Organize dimensions into a hierarchy 2.2.4 Add a filter to a view 2.2.5 Add a date filter
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When necessary to produce a Tableau viz, a Tableau data extract is a compressed snapshot of data that is stored on disc and imported into memory. For a working definition, that is acceptable. The complete narrative is, however, considerably more compelling and engaging.

TDE designs are excellent for facilitating analytics and data discovery due to two factors. A TDE is a columnar store, which is the initial point. I won’t go into great depth on columnar stores because excellent documents like this one already do it.

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Fans of data should know how to have fun with data.


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