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1.2 Create and manage data model
Manage data model with Relationships and Joins
1.3 Manage metadata properties
Metadata is data about data.
2.2 Organize data and apply filters
2.2.1 Create groups by using marks, headers, and the data pane 2.2.2 Create sets by using marks and the data pane 2.2.3 Organize dimensions into a hierarchy 2.2.4 Add a filter to a view 2.2.5 Add a date filter
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Filter dates

When you drag a date field from the Data pane to the Filters shelf in Tableau Desktop, the following Filter Field dialog box appears:

You can select whether you want to filter on a relative date; filter between a range of dates; or select discrete dates or individual dates to filter from the view.

  • Filter relative dates: Click Relative dates to define a range of dates that updates based on the date and time you open the view. For example, you may want to see Year to Date sales, all records from the past 30 days, or bugs closed last week. Relative date filters can also be relative to a specific anchor date rather than today.

  • Filter a range of dates: Select Range of dates to define a fixed range of dates to filter. For example, you may want to see all orders placed between March 1, 2009 and June 12, 2009.

  • Filter discrete dates: Select a discrete date value in the dialog box if you want to include entire date levels. For example, if you select Quarters, you can choose to filter specific quarters (e.g. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) from your view, regardless of the year.

    Latest date preset: If you want to ensure that only the most recent date in a data source is selected in the filter when the workbook is shared or opened, select a discrete date such as Month/Day/Year or Individual Dates and then, on the General tab, select Filter to latest date value when workbook is opened.

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