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1.2 Create and manage data model
Manage data model with Relationships and Joins
1.3 Manage metadata properties
Metadata is data about data.
2.2 Organize data and apply filters
2.2.1 Create groups by using marks, headers, and the data pane 2.2.2 Create sets by using marks and the data pane 2.2.3 Organize dimensions into a hierarchy 2.2.4 Add a filter to a view 2.2.5 Add a date filter
Protected: Tableau Specialist Certification
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Contrary to relationships or joins, blends never directly combine the data. Instead, blends independently query each data source, aggregate the results to the proper level, and then graphically display the findings in the view. Blends are able to deal with different detail levels as well as published data sources as a result. As a result, blends cannot be presented as “blended data sources” because they don’t produce new, blended data sources. Instead, they are just combined findings that are displayed on a single sheet.

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