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1.2 Create and manage data model
Manage data model with Relationships and Joins
1.3 Manage metadata properties
Metadata is data about data.
2.2 Organize data and apply filters
2.2.1 Create groups by using marks, headers, and the data pane 2.2.2 Create sets by using marks and the data pane 2.2.3 Organize dimensions into a hierarchy 2.2.4 Add a filter to a view 2.2.5 Add a date filter
Protected: Tableau Specialist Certification
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Extract. This is a snapshot of the data. An extract (.tde or .hyper file) might be created from a static source of data, like an Excel spreadsheet. Or the extract might contain data from a relational database or from cloud-based data. Extracts that are shared on Tableau Server can be configured to be refreshed from the underlying data according to a schedule that you define.

Live connection. This refers to a data source that contains a direct connection to underlying data, which provides real-time or near real-time data. With a live connection, Tableau makes queries directly against the database or other source and returns the results of the query for use in a workbook.

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