Custom Reset button with Tableau

While working with numerous filters, a reset button comes in helpful to rapidly return to the initial position or set of filters. With Tableau, you have to create a separate sheet over there itself and then use action.Please click the link below to download the reset button, and you can follow along with me while I also give you the test workbook.

Please feel free to download the workbook & icon from here

Let’s start from scratch.


Step 1: 

  • Create a new sheet and name it “Reset”.

The Next Step would be to hide this.

Step 2:

  • Click on the Shape card and select a shape you want to display for your Reset button.

Select the reset icon for this example

 Adjust the size using the Size card.

Step 3: Select and move the reset button

Go back to my dashboard which is the emission environment and pull my reset button there.

 Make it float and pull to the right-hand side

Step 4: Readjustment

So, firstly hide the title because the icon is self-sufficient so I’m just hiding this header.

 To remove the row lines, click on format.

 Inside the format borders row, make none to row divider.

Step 5:

Now the final part is to create a dashboard Action to create the reset functionality.

     1.  From the menu, select Dashboard/Actions


2.  Add Action of type filter with the following settings.


  • In the Target Filters, select Add Filter and add the fields for which you want to reset the filters.(all the filters in the dashboard)

You will get a warning “Missing fields on Reset”, you can ignore it.

Using Actions on the dashboard will conclude all the steps.

Now clicking on the reset button next to the filters will reset all the filters at the same time.

This technique can be used to reset any number of filters.

Step 6: Workbook publishes to the public

  • So, firstly go to the server and click on this and go to the published workbook.

I am publishing this to the public so that you can make full use of it. Here is the link

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