Tableau 2022.4 Features from Community


There are a lot of new features that came from the Tableau Community in addition to Image Role! To provide more effective—and straightforward—ways to complete typical chores, Tableau is introducing three essential improvements that were motivated by your suggestions.

Replace Current sheet datasource

Previously, changing a data source would have an effect on all worksheets that used it. You may now choose to change the data source solely for the active worksheet. This update creates chances to make time savings. For instance, to give highly relevant visualisations on the appropriate data, you may now construct a templated worksheet, duplicate it, and modify the data source on each page.


Instead of using laborious workaround computations, you can format strings with correct case text using the new PROPER() function. To ensure that your content is formatted as your end users anticipate, this function offers a straightforward method to transform text strings to suitable case.


If you are working with BIG data, you won’t need to employ any string functions here, and it will also increase the system’s performance. PROPER will arrange things for you correctly.

Hyperlink Text

It’s now simpler to hyperlink text to provide context and make it easy for end users to access other knowledge sources. When using the rich text editor, you can add and edit hyperlinks by selecting the new link button in the toolbar, which is available to keyboard-only users.

Use this functionality by adding a new context to your title while on the web rather than Tableau desktop .

I hope you like the new features that were created in response to community requests; we have been waiting for some of these for a while and look forward to more and improved features.

Ritesh Bisht

#1 in the world to be Tableau Ambassador and Power BI Super User