Tableau Vs Power BI – Reset Button

Reset Button with Power BI & Tableau

A bookmark records the current state of a report page. It includes the settings you've made to the filters, slicers, and visuals on that page. Once you customize the report page to your liking, give it a friendly name. You can now easily return to that state of the report page. When you click a bookmark, Power BI returns you to that view. Please click on the below pic to explore the full blog.

Custom Reset button with Tableau

While working with numerous filters, a reset button comes in helpful to rapidly return to the initial position or set of filters. With Tableau, you have to create a separate sheet over there itself and then use action. Please click the link below to download the reset button, and you can follow along with me while I also give you the test workbook. Please click on the below pic to explore the full blog.

Ritesh Bisht

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