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Ritesh is #1 in the world to win Tableau Ambassador & Power BI Super User Title, he has extensive experience in Data Analytics, he has worked both as an instructor and delivery specialist with the biggest brands like Cisco, JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo. He has trained over 2500 students worldwide in the field of Data Visualization and Data Analytics. He is an active blogger and writes about Data related concepts. He is known for simplifying Tableau concepts with his YouTube channel DanceSingwithData serving thousands of subscribers. Ritesh was one of the speakers in the official Tableau User Group Bangalore meet, March-2020

Tableau Ambassador & Power BI Super User

Ritesh created history in the month of August 2022 by becoming the first and only person in the world to win the dual titles of Tableau Ambassador and Power BI Super User These are two of the biggest titles in two of the biggest analytics and BI communities in the world.

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About Me

Ritesh is a Tableau Ambassador and holds Tableau Desktop & Server Qualified Associate certifications. Please read about the titles at the official Tableau and Power BI Websites Tableau Ambassador Title – 2019, Tableau Ambassador Title – 2020,

Active Member

Ritesh is an active member of the Data Community and has achieved the highest level of VIP (Viz Insights Pro) {Ritesh Bisht (tableau.com)} at Tableau Forum Community & Power BI Super User Title

YouTube Channel

He is the owner of the YouTube channel "DanceSingwithData" which has been appreciated by the data community for simplifying the concepts. His channel has gathered more than 300K+ views overall with over 3K subscribers.

Top Ranked

Ritesh is 2 times Tableau Ambassador & 1 time Power BI Super User from India and has been featured in the Top 15 Tableau & Power BI World Communities